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  • Power Your Tools in an Emergency

    Sep 25 2023

    If you have $5,000 worth of fancy-schmancy power tools, that's great and all, but what happens if the power goes out? There's a storm, ta...

  • Home Base Considerations

    Sep 11 2023

    Whether you're bugging out or getting ready for civil unrest at home, there's a lot of things you'll wanna consider...

  • WOOD: Harvesting & Storage

    Jul 31 2023

    Wood! A simple thing used by many to keep themselves warm and their food cooked. But how do you get it and keep it stored to where it wil...

  • Gardening is Essential for Survival!

    Jul 21 2023

    Worms, Mulch, and Russia! There are many tips and "hacks" that you can use to make your gardening venture as successful as possible, and ...

  • Summer Time = Solar Time

    Jul 10 2023

    Solar power is one of the greatest gifts that nature has given us, we just need to know how to harness it.