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Gardening is Essential for Survival!

Posted on July 21 2023

Worms, Mulch, and Russia! There are many tips and "hacks" that you can use to make your gardening venture as successful as possible, and help you secure your own food independence.


  • Fred scott: September 02, 2023

    Nearly everything ANY government does is based on control, either gaining it or maintaining it. The American people would better themselves not only financially but physically and probably spiritually, if they would simply use a small part of their yard as a vegetable garden. The sad part, is that they’ve gotten SOO far removed from the food chain that they’ve allowed city governments, HOAs, etc., make rules preventing such activities. I prefer to be out in the boonies, where I have a semblance of the freedom everyone in this great country once had.

  • Joe: July 24, 2023

    After Stalin, the Soviet government wasn’t actively trying to starve it’s citizens, and encouraged them to garden. It makes you wonder what is going on with Western governments now that they are trying to close farms (Holland), destroy cattle (Ireland), sue farmers over seed patents (Canada), hoard American farmland (Bill Gates and China), and add to that suspicious supply chain disruptions.

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