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ReadyMan Instructors

The ReadyMan Team consists of SOF veterans, lifelong hunters, and survival specialists. Our unique blend of instructors provide the best survivalist training that money can buy.

Welcome to ReadyMan.  A community, founded by U.S. Special Operations Forces veterans and skilled outdoorsmen.  We create custom tools and implement time-tested man skills to help inspire members to be prepared for the unexpected in our modern era.  We offer outdoor survival tactics and gear, home defense techniques & products, exciting content, and powerful information to help facilitate members to be ready.  Join the team now & view our vast library of ReadyMan "enter-trainment" content, that we custom made for the members with our special forces and survivalist cadre.  You will see everything from quick tips and skills/drills, to our full length reality training series dubbed the "ReadyMan Challenge" and everything in between.  So join up now so you can claim your gear, get the training, and earn your place in the ReadyMan community.


ReadyMan Bios

Jeff Kirkham served almost 29 years as a Green Beret doing multiple classified details for the US government.  He is the proverbial brains behind our survival tools and products.  Jeff has had more training and real life experience in survival and or tactical situations than just about anyone.  He spent the majority of the last decade working in combat zones doing a wide variety of operations in support of the GWOT. 

Evan Hafer leads the team and is as hilarious as he is salty.  He has been a Green Beret for 15 years and spent years overseas as a US State Department security officer (PSD).  Evan is a world class handgun instructor and is often requested by name to teach current SOF military.  Evan is a coffee aficionado and the founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company. He also is a family man and enjoys hunting, fishing, trail running, and throwing carbines.

Chad Wade went straight from instructing at Naval Special Warfare in Coronado, California, to co-founding READYMAN. After seven years, Chad was chomping at the bit to take the inside knowledge of a Navy SEAL and share it with regular, gun-toting Americans. He spent his time in the SEAL teams as a breacher and an assaulter, which means he learned the best tool for any job is a hammer. True to form, you’ll catch Chad in READYMAN videos going all-gas, no-brakes.

Jason Ross has been a hunter, fisherman, shooter and prepper since childhood, and has spent tens of thousands of hours roughing it in the great American outdoors. He can’t sing, dance, or dress himself in the fashion of the day, so he’s been left to impress women with his “outdoor skills.” He’s killed more big game animals than cancer and is an Ironman triathlete, though probably just about the slowest Ironman to ever cross the finish line on anything other than a stretcher.

Rory McCarthy - coming soon

Travis Hall - coming soon