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Ready for the COLD?

Posted on February 29 2024

A good, tough outer shell is crucial, but what's best? Gloves, particularly work gloves, wear out fast and are nearly-disposable when used daily. How many pair should a man stock?
Another fantastic resource to consider when preparing for the winter is this article from
Because when the temperature drops and the snow flies, most people want to stay inside and keep warm, thinking little about preparing for winter weather. When the cold becomes extreme, it can lead to detrimental consequences.

For more info about preparing to survive the winter, check out Cold Weather Preparedness: A Guide to Winter Weather Survival

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  • Katherine: October 23, 2023

    The only wool completely grown and manufactured in the US- beanies, socks, shirts, pants by Duckworth. Please investigate and feature.
    PS It’s “gaiter”, dudes

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