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1. Return & Exchange Policy

  • Readyman will accept, for return or exchange, items that are in new condition, unworn, unaltered and free of damages by the customer.  For a full refund of item, less original shipping charges, mail your item within 30 days of receipt of original order.  We suggest sending return in a form that supplies you with a tracking number (FedEx, UPS, Certified Mail etc.).  Include the packing slip if available. If not available, include your name, the address order was shipped to and your email address.  Items returned after 30 days will be charged a 15% restock fee.  Items will not be accepted for return after 60 days from receipt of original order.  Items must be returned with all tags attached, if applicable, and in original packaging.  Refunds will be applied to original form of payment within 5 working days of receipt of return.
    Find us at 2575 W 1680 N, Provo UT 84601

    Readyman will only accept items for return or exchange that were purchased directly from us.  

    Readyman will not accept items purchased from any other source.


2. Are your survival cards/EDC tools/knives TSA approved?

  • The short answer is no, they are not. That being said we have heard of folks able to go through security and the agents go "wow this is cool" and let them through. We also have heard folks go through and have them confiscated. Play it safe and keep the card in checked luggage so you wont have it taken


3. I live in a weapon sensitive environment, could you please be vague on the Customs Declaration, maybe just say “tools”?

  • Again the short answer is no. We have to put the exact contents for legal purposes. If the item is illegal in your area we are not responsible for it being confiscated or returned. We ask our customers to be knowledgeable of what is allowed in their area.


4. Where do I insert my promo code or coupon?

  • During the checkout process on the right hand side of the screen there is a box that says "Discount" just insert your code there and hit apply! (see pic below)


5. What's the cost of shipping?

  • Shipping is entirely dependent on the weight of your order, which carrier you select, the priority you select, and then finally where the order is going to. You can see exact shipping cost on the checkout screen before you place the order.


6. When will you get more stock of a particular product?

  • As of now it takes roughly 2 weeks for a product to be restocked. Some items do take longer than others. Thats why we added the "Email me when in stock" button on every item that goes out of stock! Just insert your email and when it comes back in stock it will email you letting you know its back!


7. Do you donate gear?

  • -We do! We would need you to email us all the information on the cause, as well as the 501C3 information. We can only give away so much so please apply earlier in the year! Our email is:


8. Are you based in the United States?

  • Yes! We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and do our shipping/fulfilment from there!


9. I placed an order to be shipped outside the US, but it looks like it's going to Pennsylvania?

  • We partnered up with an international shipping handler in Pennsylvania. So we ship our products and gear to the handler in PA, and then it continues to its final destination overseas.


10. Can I stack discounts?

  • No. Discount coupons are ONE per order.