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Black Autumn TV Series: HOMESTEAD

Posted on May 31 2023

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What Is "Homestead"?
The end of the world may just be the beginning.

Homestead, based on the best-selling book series Black Autumn, is a post-apocalyptic family survival drama. A string of attacks and collapses drives troubled Green Beret Jeff Kirkham to take a job as head of security for a wealthy doomsday prepper, Jason Ross. Ross has built an elaborate permaculture compound for friends and family. As the fabric of America goes to pieces, a few dozen families scramble to "The Homestead" in a last-ditch effort to survive.

They quickly discover that Ross' elaborate plans will not protect them. Outside the gates, desperate neighbors, criminals, and opportunistic rivals look to The Homestead's resources as a treasure trove.  Inside, the community divides into factions: military versus civilian, compassionate versus practical, spiritual versus rational. These groups clash over every fatality, every demand of survival, and over the strange prophecies of Jeff's adopted daughter.

Eventually, the gentle rhythms of the land permeate all, and a spirit of unity begins to overtake the community. As they cultivate the plants, animals, and the soil, and as they face looming destruction, their modern squabbles give way to ancient, forgotten truths.

Check out & invest in the TV SHOW coming soon!


  • Frank Mitko : September 02, 2023

    This is the coming reality, unfortunately. The chess pieces on the board are already moving. Like him or hate him, it’s why the power brokers are coming after Trump, because he stands in their way. An America first patriot. What you are seeing in the cities, mass chaos, will be amplified a thousand fold if the predicted food shortage happens. With so many more millions in this country, many who do not care about law and order, the instinct to survive will not be over ruled by societal norms of law and order. The man is not engaging in predictive behavior with these stories. He’s engaging in the forewarned is forearmed doctrine, prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and hope you never need to use those things you prepped with

  • Joe: June 02, 2023

    Is this really just predictive programing? Predictive programing is when you condition the public, through fiction, to get used to an idea that is being planted by those in power as being an inevitability. The people who are collapsing society are engineering it’s collapse, just like they engineered “other things” to collapse, and then profit by that collapse in terms of wealth and power. The writers of such tomes don’t even have to be clued in to this; they can be unaware of what is actually going on, too.

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