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Clothing: Layers & Layers

Posted on December 05 2022

Tis the season for layering. Pro hikers will attest: Layering your clothing is key to overland movement. As well as surviving out in the cold. What's your method of choice?


  • Kurt: December 06, 2022

    Very good messaging!

    Messaging is simple and aimed at a newbie target audience (good) but cotton blends make for cheaper and very durable bush wear (over insulation) such as BDUs, etc. As cotton absorbs and keeps water, it makes for terrible insulation or wicking layers, but if woven tightly makes for adequate dry/cold outer windproof layering or cotton blends (50/50 NYCP) spark & flame resistant outer wear.

  • Pax: December 06, 2022

    Excellent advice. Came true recently on an elk hunt. 6 inches of snow, 3 degrees with s slight breeze.

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