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Much Ado About Generators

Posted on January 27 2023

What do you need to know about generators for a Survival situation? Or in general. These three info-comics will help give you some knowledge and some angles to consider when you're thinking about generators.

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  • Mike M: January 27, 2023

    Military generators don’t use as much fuel per hour the 003 series at full tilt (10kw) use 1.2 GPH, the 803 series only use 1.1 GPH for the same output and the newest 10xx series use 1.0 GPH for 10KW. Nonetheless, in a grid down situation they would only be used 4-6 hours a day. Running 6 hours a day, a 600 gallon tank would last 14 weeks – plenty of time for the zombies to die off and all your refrigerated/frozen food to be consumed (smile).

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