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Solar and Preparedness: The Ups and Downs

Posted on January 13 2023

SOLAR! The end-all, be-all of electric needs. The single solution to the entire world's power needs! Or is it? Solar is good, but it's not great, and it certainly has some issues with it.

Some of them intrinsic, and some of them due to our current level of technology. What do you think about Solar Power?


  • lester gary scott: January 15, 2023
    I want to make my own solar panels anyone have a good set of plans for DYI solar panels?
  • Jim: January 13, 2023

    Have solar powered exhaust fans for our greenhouse. They work great.
    Also converted my domestic well to solar with utility power as backup. Works great also. limit nighttime water use, no washing clothes, dishes etc. and it uses very little utility power.

  • Peter: January 13, 2023

    Yeah, Just wait till big hail the size of bowling balls smash all these panels, and the sun will not shine its light in the near future. Buckle up People.

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