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Bugging Out into the Forest?

Posted on June 05 2023

If you're planning on bailing out to the middle of the wilderness in the case of a Bug Out situation, then there are a few things to consider...

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  • Frank: June 12, 2023

    Only a few times have I read or seen (In a video) anyone mention or suggest having a pair of flip flops, sandals or some loafers that can quickly be slipped on and off.

    I know we all worry about carrying too much, but we all need to bathe and our skin has to breathe, so therefore I consider other footwear besides hiking shoes or boots important.

    To maintain readiness I’d demand everyone have shoes they can put on quickly if the word is given to gear up or even to run for your life.

    I’ve always figured that washing up, cleaning gear, setting up a camp and cooking would take the most time, but I agree with the idea that your group or family should never totally unpack everything.

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