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The Four Pillars of Fighting - by James Yeager
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James Yeager dedicated his entire life to teaching good guys how to fight against bad guys. The principle philosophy for Tactical Response was and is; Mindset, Tactics, Skill, and Gear.

Before departing this earth, James wrote down his thoughts and detailed three decades of experience. He asked Paul Markel to assemble these thoughts and this has become “The Four Pillars of Fighting”.

Within the pages of this book, Mr. Yeager will detail what Mindset, Tactics, Skill, and Gear meant to him and the importance of each one to those who make up the gun culture. Also included is an entire chapter of Bonus Material which includes subjects such as:

  • Choosing the Right Training Class
  • How to Get the Most from IDPA
  • Drive Out of the Kill Zone
  • Get More from Your Training

This book is an absolute Must Read for anyone who owns or carries a firearm for self-protection.

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