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Sling Bullets
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Need a Sling to go with these?

The first ever bullets, designed and deployed by the Romans in their conquests. Roman Soldiers were trained rigorously in the art of the shepherd sling, A.K.A. the Original Slingshot.

It goes by many names, but no0.89 matter what you call it, the Sling is a tried and true weapon through the ages.

On a fortified hill in Scotland some 1,900 years ago, a Roman army attacked local warriors by hurling lead bullets from slings that had nearly the stopping power of a modern .44 magnum handgun, according to recent experiments.

The assault seems to have been deadly effective, for the local warriors were armed only with swords and other simple weapons, says John Reid, a researcher at the Trimontium Trust.

And right now, you can get your very own specialized Sling Bullets! Made to the approximate shape and size that the Romans used, these bullets are the perfect thing to fling.


  • Material: Injection-Molded Plastic
  • Weight: 1.7oz (Solid) | 1.5oz (Loadable / Whistler)
  • Colors: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Designs: ReadyMan Logo, "Sling Bullet", BAM!, Skull, Loadable / Whistler

Quantities (Multipacks come with a discount!)

  • Singles will receive a random design
  • 5 Packs will come with 1 of each*
  • 10 Packs will come with 2 of each*
    • *Full Variety of designs is Not Guaranteed

¤[MIXED COLORS] guarantee at least 3 Different Colors.

- Do not throw or sling these at people.
- Only use in safe and controlled environments, not recommended for indoor use.
- Not intended for Hunting or any form of combat.
- ReadyMan is not responsible for lost or missing bullets.

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Glenn S.
United States United States


I really like your products and I really enjoy slinging them. Definitely worth the money. Will buy more!

Kenneth D.
United States United States

Great Sling Bullets

Well-made, good shape, durable, they fly well. When I miss, which is often, they hit a chain-link fence. They get a little scuffed up but are fine for repeated use. Got the 10-pack of orange ones so they would be easier to find in the grass.

Kenneth E.
United States United States

Roman Army Sling Ammo

Have not used yet. I'm new to using a sling. For now, I am learning the basics using marshmallows for ammo. Considering I managed to hit my own head while slinging with a marshmallow; it might be a while before I "graduate" to your Sling Bullets.

Chandler C.
United States United States

Amazing product

Great for practice. No complaints at all

Andrew M.
United States United States

Excellent product!

I was initially skeptical, but the more I use them the more I like these sling bullets. Flight is stable and consistent. They may be plastic, but they can do serious damage, so treat with respect.