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Home Invasion: What Would You Do?

Posted on March 13 2022

It's a scary thought, that a stranger would break into your home, with the intention or inclination to cause you or your family serious harm.

But unfortunately, it IS something that needs to be thought about and considered. So, if you were forced to encounter this situation, what would you do?

One good response that we received from J.E. on Facebook...

"Move to the right to get offline and reduce the risk of hitting the child behind the assailant while putting rounds on target high center mass. This forces them to move to their right to try and engage you which clears line of sight from the child behind them. Specifically I say HIGH center mass because my kids sleep on a standard height bed which puts them below the line of high center mass while they're laying in bed. Ideally though- the dogs are already going nuts and they never made it in the house for it to get to this point"


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