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Conquistadors (The Black Autumn Series Book 3)
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As the apocalypse chokes the final breath out of America, a lone desert rancher leads a no-holds-barred defense of freedom against a soulless cartel overlord with near-invincible weapons. Gustavo Castillo, the criminal mastermind of northern Mexico, strikes into the deserts of America with an army of commandos, but he can’t shake the suspicion that his exquisite, American-educated daughter plots against him to seize his throne.

As he struggles against ferocious American patriots, his sociopathy thickens from genius to schizophrenia. Meanwhile, Noah Miller, a rancher barely surviving in the hardscrabble borderlands of Arizona, fights his own losing battle against alcoholism, depression and guilt over the murder of his wife and daughter.

When a terrorist attack combines with an economic meltdown, the commercial core of America collapses, and Noah could hardly care less. But when cartel raiders prey upon his neighbors and loved ones, he turns a listening ear to something greater than his pain—a voice from beyond that spurs him toward his destiny--an iron-born role in the defense of America.

Black Autumn: Conquistadors fuses the gut-wrenching twists of a psychological thriller with the rip-roaring battle scenes of a military action novel. Steeped in guerrilla tactics, Conquistadors explores the American legacy of frontier combat, hearkening to a modern Sam Houston, Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie.

If you loved the movie Red Dawn, you’re going to devour Black Autumn: Conquistadors. In a world where so many Americans bicker endlessly on social media, would heroes still rise up to sacrifice their lives for freedom? Has the American Spirit that conquered the West gone forever to sleep? Not if Noah Miller has anything to say about it.

Conquistadors is Book 3 of the Black Autumn series, which chronicles the first seventeen days of the Black Autumn crash.