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Black Autumn FULL SERIES (Book 1-10)
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The ENTIRE Black Autumn series in one discounted bundle!

A U.S. Special Forces commando has been home barely a month when a Black Swan event cripples the rattled American society. His family and friends link up with a well-prepared group, but nobody is truly ready for the violence of a pampered America gone savage.

"From overall plot to technical details this book is on the mark. 'Black Autumn' is a page turner with well developed characters, plot, and plausible story line. I give it the highest of recommendations."

William R. Forstchen, bestselling author of "One Second After"

Books included in this collection...

  1. Black Autumn: Surviving the Crash
  2. Black Autumn Travelers
  3. Conquistadors
  4. The Last Air Force One
  5. White Wasteland
  6. Honor Road
  7. America Invaded
  8. President Partisan
  9. Blood Spring
  10. Fragments of America: Short Stories of the Apocalypse