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Toasty Survival: A Basic Guide to Heating, Cooking and Dressing Warmly (ReadyMan Info-comic)
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When the power goes out, it can get very cold, very quickly. Even if you live in the desert, you still need to cook food and heat water. Everything, these days, requires electricity to function: heating & AC, stoves, refrigerators and water heaters.

Yet, never before in modern history has the power gone off more-frequently and for longer than today. Fires, wind, floods, and hurricanes all shut down the power, sometimes for weeks.

No matter what craziness jumps out and gobsmacks our society, prepare yourself to fill the gap between your modern home and and life-threatening cold. Toasty Survival shares the tips and tricks of the self-reliant to keep their home hospitable, no matter what happens to the power grid.

Collected from the survival experience of the authors and the ReadyMan Basics online group, Toasty Survival aims at keeping your family comfortable and fed, no matter what happens to the outside world.

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