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Home Defense Hand Grenade

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The READYMAN Home Defense Hand Grenade (HDHG) is an electronic distraction device that is intended to distract your opponent while you gain the advantage.

Instructions for use

  1. Push black rubber button on side of device: Green LED indicated HDHG is armed with a 3-4 second delay.
  2. Roll (do not throw) immediately to desired location.
  3. Once lights and siren activate the opponent’s attention will be diverted to device giving the user a momentary advantage.
  4. Turn off HDHG by pressing button again.


  • 8 High intensity LED’s per side (16 total)
  • One 110db Siren per side (2 total)
  • Fresnel lense light refractors


  • Dimensions: 3.25” inches wide x H: 1.06” inches thick
  • Weight 2.6 oz

Batteries Not Included (Takes 4x C2032 Batteries, Buy Here or at your local store)