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Home Defense Hand Grenade Battery Instructions

If and when your ReadyMan Home Defense Hand Grenade batteries need to be replaced, then follow the simple steps below to fix it up (Note: you'll need FOUR CR2032 batteries to fully replace the old ones. You can buy them here.)

What you need:

  1. Home Defense Hand Grenade
  2. Four CR2032 Batteries
  3. A Pen, Knife, or Similar Object

Time to completion: 1 Minute



  1. Remove the soft black silicone cover from the edges.
  2. Using a knife, pen, or other poking implement, push out the 2 double-stacked CR2032 batteries (on speaker-wire side).
  3. Once out, push two sets of two CR2032 batteries in place of the old ones.
  4. Push the grenade back together.
  5. Replace the soft black silicone cover.

And that's it! If you have any further issues, email us at: info@readyman.com.

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