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Pipe Hitters Guide to Small Arms & Weapons (PHG Book 4)
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A Pipe Hitter’s Guide to Small Arms & Weapons discusses in detail some of the most popular and historically significant firearms and weapons used worldwide for over a century.

Within this guidebook, the author will consider and examine handguns, rifles, shotguns, and edged weapons that have left their mark on history. The small arms and weapons featured inside can be found not only in the United State of America, but most anywhere in the world. 

The aim of this book is to give the reader a solid understanding, not just of the mechanics of the weapons but, what it was about them that caused them to be the choices of citizens, law enforcement, and military units around the globe.

The author has first hand experience using and employing nearly every small arm discussed within. Some he merely trained with, others he carried in an official capacity and into combat. This is not just an analyst’s or writer’s perspective of guns and weapons from the outside looking in. No, this text is an end user’s outlook on some of the most important arms used by man in the last hundred plus years.

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