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White Wasteland: A Black Autumn Saga (The Black Autumn Series Book 5)
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Black Autumn drove them to the edge of oblivion, but that was before the winter set in…

December descends on a broken nation, and the Homestead survival clan trembles beneath a tide of human suffering crashing at the gates of their mountain refuge. A fanatical warlord arises and drives the Mormons* of the Rocky Mountains toward civil war.

While threats surge around the Homestead, Special Forces veterans and civilian fighters face a moral collapse at home, as the founder of the community struggles with personal demons, and a secretive group of women follow their hearts into uncharted waters.

 Strange visions, precarious faith and troubled dreams gnaw at the Homestead’s survival. Is their salvation hiding in the dim corners of their nightmares?

White Wasteland continues the saga of Black Autumn, Book One of the Black Autumn series.

*Neither of the authors is a practicing Mormon--nor will they ever be--but a story about the apocalypse in the Rocky Mountains would be incomplete without the region's, strange, major religion. If reading fiction with Mormons causes you to break out in hives, this is not the book for you. If you're scratching your head as to why people would care, read the one-star reviews. They surprised us too.