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President Partisan: A Black Autumn Saga Sequel (The Black Autumn Series Book 8)
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Direct Sequel to The Last Air Force One

Can a man's ruined honor be restored through bravery in battle?

President Nathaniel "Dutch" McAdams saves his family from the apocalypse, but drops his sacred duty in the process. With the nation destroyed, he retreats into a brutal regimen of physical fitness and combat training, resolving to fight to the death as a partisan for the country he failed.

Dutch and his family settle among the Paiute Indians, where two months later, a Russian Spetsnaz unit comes searching for the nuclear missile control briefcase in the wreckage of Air Force One. The implications of the Russian incursion bloom into the terrifying likelihood a one-sided nuclear strike against the American West.

As the president pleads with Native Americans for assistance, he discovers they have earthshaking secrets of their own. Social justice, indigenous rights and old wounds challenge an alliance that could either save America, or turn it down the path of a long, dark age.