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4-in-1 Every Day Carry Survival Tool

Posted on August 25 2018

The EDC Survival Tool unites the lightweight freedom of an every-day-carry (EDC) thing with the usefulness and life-threatening character of survival gear. This tool looks and clips on a shirt or pocket just like a pencil, but is clearly constituted of 4 tools in a single!

The tool features a Tungsten Steel Glass Breaker, if you're stuck in a car or construction and require an exit - or for functions of self-defense (maybe Utilized like a Kubaton).

Fire-starting Magnesium (Ferro) Rod, to ease in creating an Ideal Crucial fire.

A Dual-Sharpened Knife, serrated along with flat/sharp on another, not just for whittling away at game or wood, but to assist in scratching off and sparking the Ferro pole.

A Survival Whistle, if you're trapped or lost in a life-threatening scenario and want to create noise - to assist in alerting somebody near.

A Pen Clip, goes where you move


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