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Inner Layer: Long Johns and Warm Underwear

Posted on November 07 2022

I'm not very tricky about my inner layer. Synthetic. Merino wool. Thicker when it's colder (or when I'm sitting in the tree stand doin' nothin'.) What's your go-to long john?


  • Kaviey: December 27, 2022

  • Kavira: December 23, 2022

  • Robert: November 13, 2022

    Good words, Zeke! Let me just add that I’ve been frost-bitten before – when I was young and didn’t know the danger I was facing. I fell through the ice in a stream I was trying to cross. I didn’t go home right away. My sister wanted to stay outside longer. Suddenly I felt like I was bitten by a dog, or so I thought. There was no dog, though. Then suddenly the other foot was “Bitten!” I ran home crying. I told mom a dog bit me. She asked If I saw the dog. I told her, “No!” She knew what to do. I still have my toes on my feet. But I’ve learned that Cotton is hot when it’s hot out, and cold when it’s cold out. Polyester leaches dangerous BPA’s into the body causing premature organ failure (ED, Kidney Stones, Gall Bladder stones, Liver cancer, heart disease, etc.) Wool is best’ silk is second.

  • Rod: November 08, 2022

    Does this go for bedding as well?

  • Rod: November 08, 2022

    Does this go for bedding as well?

  • zeke: November 08, 2022

    as stated – cotton kills. don’t neglect your head, feet and hands in this effort, either. make sure boots arent too tight. if you have room to pack extras, do so. I love disposable hand warmers, at least for a comfort product. pack a mylar blanket out there, too. it has saved me before. try not to get wet…don’t wade through the stream if you can find a way around.

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