The ReadyMan Camping Kit – Readyman

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The ReadyMan Camping Kit
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Are you planning to go Camping this summer? Well we have just the thing for you!

In this one bundle is 8 different items, 13 pieces in total, to make you ready for your next trip out into the wild!

A tent to keep you safe & provide temporary shelter, a fire starting tool & tinder to keep you warm and help you cook, a flashlight for when it gets dark, a poncho liner for when it gets cold, and a Wilderness Survival Card for some all-around readiness!

This Kit Contains:
• 1x Battlbox Single Person Tent
• 1x Survival Poncho Liner
• 2x Readyman Campfire Skewer (3-Pack)
• 1x Wilderness Survival Card 2.0
• 1x EDC Survival Tool
• 1x Fiber Light Tinder Tin
• 1x BurnFree Burn Gel 4oz.
• 1x LUX-PRO Tac Pen 1040 LED Flashlight

Over $40 in savings in this one kit!