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ReadyMan Membership

ReadyMan Membership

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ReadyMan is about becoming better. It's about survival skills, preparedness training, and expanding your base of knowledge, so that you can always be an asset instead of a liability. By joining ReadyMan you'll gain access to exclusive skills training videos and a community forum of members around the world.

  • Access to an exclusive video library of over 450 videos by 17 subject matter experts
  • Join an active community forum built around discussion and sharing new knowledge
  • A developing training calendar so you can see what training events we and our partners are providing
  • Coming Soon: Integration with our Discord server, to talk to us in real time
  • Coming Soon: Access to our Plan2Survive app, an interactive checklist and training program to make sure you're ready if SHTF
  • Coming Soon: Access to our Plan2Bugout app, an interactive checklist of all items you'll need in your bug-out/survival bag, that you can set to your specific region and climate in the world

So what are you waiting for? Get in. Get active.

Get Ready!

After you sign up, you will be sent an email with a unique code to get into our membership!

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