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Firearm Lubricant
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We worked with Mongoose Lubricants to create the (one) lubricant that you would use to lubricate, clean and protect your firearm.

It comes in a bottle that is designed to travel with you to precisely lube, protect and clean various items (to include bikes and hinges to name a few). It's simple to apply and engineered to reduce friction, manage heat, prevent carbon buildup, and remove residue through the mechanical function of the firearm.

            ReadyMan Firearm Lube is a proprietary blend that is PATENT PENDING.

READYMAN Firearm Lube:

  • Use it to lubricate
  • Use it to protect
  • Use it to clean and break up carbon
  • Can be used on just about any hinge or mechanical application
  • 4.0 oz quantity
  • Blue color 

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