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EDC Battle Beetle and Belt Sleeve Combo
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$ 17.99


The READYMAN EDC Battle Beetle and Belt Sleeve make a perfect combination. The EDC Sleeve is something that no belt should be with out and is a perfect way to carry additional items of all types (including the READYMAN EDC Battle Beetle)


The READYMAN Battle Beetle is a multi-purpose every day carry tool that can be used for self defense, tighten down that loose bolt or conveniently open your favorite beverage.  

With the opened ended wrench you can use it as a "pain compliance" or force equializer tool by trapping attackers finger in the mouth of the opening or by striking them with the open prongs to any vulnerable areas. It can be held to administer a standard punch or hammer fist blow to an attacker and subdue them with one blow. 

The READYMAN Battle Beetle features a 1-1/4", 1", 3/4", 1/2", 1/4" wrench multi tool with 1/4" bit driver, beverage opener, rasp, keychain.


  • 100% Made in the U.S.A
  • Fiber optic laser cut
  • Stainless Steel
  • .9 oz (Less than an ounce)

The READYMAN EDC Belt Sleeve is truly a "never leave home with out it" piece of gear that offers a secure, simple and ultra-low profile way to carry that *one extra piece* of gear. Each one is hand made in the USA to our specifications out of high quality ballistic stretch nylon that holds gear to your belt steady. Just slip it on your belt (or any strap) and you can carry items such as:

Even better when not in use the READYMAN EDC Belt Sleeve lays flat on your belt and is ready to be used at a moments notice.