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Prepper Radio Special: ReadyMan Deck + 1 Wilderness Survival Card
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Hey, Prepper Radio listeners! As you heard, we put together a bundle just for you. This bundle includes the ReadyMan Conflicted Card Deck, and a Wilderness Survival Card! Check it out:
  • ReadyMan Conflicted Card Deck: With over 73 year of combined Special Operations experience, the teaching and techniques brought by ReadyMan will make a difference in your survival in every situation. You can find dozens of these essential survival instructions inside this deck. Standard sized playing cards that also acts as a separate questionnaire game (rules included!). Featuring the ReadyMan crew!
  • Wilderness Survival Card: A credit-card sized set of tools and devices that are a game changer for somebody in a survival scenario. Packed with over 20 tools, it's a great value in a wallet-sized package!
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