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Rapid Response Bundle
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Three great pieces of first-aid gear, that can be deployed at a moment's notice, for one great price!

(Rapid Tourniquet) GEN 2 [Orange]

The fastest tourniquet on the market, and proven in combat. Invented and patented by a 28 year Special Forces Medic with multiple combat trauma experiences under his belt.

The Rapid Tourniquet uses a solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath, combined with a unique locking mechanism to make an incredibly fast tourniquet to apply to self or others.  No other tourniquet compares to the Rapid Tourniquet when being used under stress in terms of time or ease of use.

Generation 2 Features:
• NEW: Now 100% American Made
• NEW: 6 Inches Longer
• NEW: Sown tag replaces metal crimp for greater longevity

We guarantee that each Rapid Tourniquet you buy from us is 100% genuine, so you don't waste your time guessing.

RATS Medical Cravat

Our NEW Cravat from RATS Medical is a lightweight lifesaver. Whether it's devising a splint out in the backcountry, or cleaning your Glock, these should always been in your pack or vehicle. These are also machine washable to help you clean up after yourself after a hard days work. 

Chest Seal

This is a must have for any trauma bag. This chest seal is an occlusive adhesive dressing that will seal penetrating wounds to the chest cavity. 

(1) Chest Seal per pack