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Leather Wallet Combo

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The ReadyMan Leather Wallet Combo includes our tried-and-true tested Wilderness Survival and Hostage Escape Cards, Kevlar String, and re-introducing our ReadyMan Leather Wallet! Save money when you combo these items together in a great value!

Not only will you be able to fit everything into the wallet, you're also outfitting yourself with over 25 tools for any survival or escape scenario - plus incredibly strong Kevlar string to use for fishing or sawing (combo it with the pop-out tools from the Wilderness Escape Card!)

  • 20 feet of Kevlar String
  • Hostage Escape Card
  • Wilderness Survival Card
  • ReadyMan Leather Wallet

What can Kevlar String even do? Here's some ideas:

Kevlar is a registered trademark of DuPont™