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Instafire Fire Starter (3-Pack)

Instafire Fire Starter (3-Pack)

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So you've got your wood, and you got a match. How are you going to start your fire? Not by holding that match to the wood! You'd be better off huddling around the match for warmth. You need a way to start the fire and get it roaring. That's why we're offering the Instafire Fire Starter.

Composed of recycled wood, inert minerals, and shielded with a patented blend of paraffin, the Instafire Fire Starter lights up to 4 full fires. Simply place a small pile out and light it aflame, then place your burning material on top of that. You're done!

This is a 3 pack! Start up 12 fires total!

  • Lights wed wood (burns up to 1000°!)
  • Burns on snow, water, and ice
  • Nonvolatile - no unexpected flare-ups
  • Long burn time (10-15 minutes)
  • Waterproof pouch
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Safe to store near food
  • Instafire's leftover ash is a natural fertilizer - it nourishes the earth