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EDC Self-Defense Bundle
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The EDC Self-Defense Bundle contains one of everything you need to always carry on your person: Something Bright, Something Sharp, Something Medical, and Something Deadly. This combo is all of that in 1 place.

This bundle includes:

  • 1x ReadyMan OTF Knife (Spear or Titan): This knife is ready for an action in a flash. Just flick the switch to extend the razor sharp blade, and pull it back to retract. Easy as that. This knife includes a safety feature in that the blade will immediately disengage if it's blocked when the switch is pressed. It's nice to keep your fingers!
  • 1x Lux-Pro XP910: 1000 lumens of rechargeable battery goodness! This flashlight is a hardy every-day-carry, and includes 4 different modes of brightness/strobe with a handle turn-dial switch.
  • 1x RATS Tourniquet: One of the fastest and most effective tourniquets on the market. This tourniquet was made to easy to understand and use under high-stress situations - even one-handed.
  • 1x EDC Kubaton: There are a million different ways to use a kubaton, and this is one of the handiest. Comes with a keychain so you can take it wherever you go!
  • 1x EDC Belt Sleeve: Give yourself an immediate and flexible additional holster wherever you go! This stretchy sleeve will help you carry that one extra piece of gear, such as a flashlight, extra clip, or tourniquet.