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Discover How Easy it is for You and Your Family To Be Ready To Survive Any Disaster


...Your Family's Bullet-Proof Survival Plan for a Fire, Hurricane, Earthquake, Flood, Government Collapse, Supply/Food/Water Shortage, and more.


Have you ever wished you knew EXACTLY what gear, trainings and preperations you need to guarantee your family's safety in a distater? The Plan2Survive does EXACTLY that...


With the Plan2Survive You'll Discover How To:

  • Build a custom emergency plan based on your hometown, possible disasters, and resources.

  • Better protect your home and family.

  • Keep up-to-date on all the best in gear, firearms, weapons and tactics.

  • Gain a wide-range of self-reliance skills, from ultra-light backpacking to gardening.

  • And learn how to dominate in survival and combat situations (if you ever need to).




  • Survival Training Videos, Tips and Skills you won’t find anywhere else, through exclusive access to our massive video vault, weekly Live Feeds, and our best-in-the-world preparedness app.


  • The Plan2Survive App: Get the hottest app for quickly and cheaply getting your family totally prepared for any major disaster. Follow this step-by-step guide to take your personal preparedness up a notch, every week. The P2S gives you comprehensive list of the best gear and skills you’ll need to survive just about any life-threatening event.​​​​​​


  • Plan 2 Survive App (P2S): Take "Chance" Out of Your Family’s Emergency Preparedness Preps – Take chance out of your preparations. Base your preps on the best-researched, real-world-tested, most-dynamic preparedness tool the world has ever seen.

You have forgotten at least 50 critical preparations – gear you must have to survive and skills your family will die without. We guarantee it. After amassing the most utterly complete and interactive survival plan in the world, we can say with certainty that you need this plan (even our Operators were stunned by the things they’d forgotten.)

This massive checklist of skills and equipment instantly rebuilds itself around YOUR individual circumstances and your situation. Your home, location, family situation, fitness, budget and current state of preparedness all factor in to create a clear, prioritized list of what you need to get and learn NEXT.


  • Monthly Live Disaster Preparedness Scenario-Based Webinars – Covering topics on Surviving an Earthquake, Fire, Drought, Flood, Hurricane, Public Shooting, Economic Collapse, Terrorist Attack, War, Flu Pandemic, or EMP Attack that could trigger a SHTF meltdown in your city (like hurricane Katrina caused)


  • READYMAN Secure Network – The biggest jump in your family’s survivability will be your ability to join with trustworthy, like-minded people to share resources and skills. But how can you meet other ReadyMen safely and discretely? Through the ReadyMan Underground Network, maintain your family’s discretion while you link up with other ReadyMan members in your area to train together, learn together and share information.