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Pocket Practice Lock + 2 Hostage Escape Cards
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The Pocket Practice Lock + 2 Hostage Escape Cards is a perfect combination of on-the-go lockpicking, and credit-card sized hostage survival!


  • The Pocket Practice Lock: An on-the-go aid to help you gain better dexterity in the fine art of lock picking! Take a dive into this incredibly useful skill with something that fits right in your pocket! Use it to pass the time, to impress your friends, or most of all: to survive when you're locked in or out.
  • 2x Hostage Escape Cards: The perfect companion to the Pocket Practice Lock. 6 built-in, easy to snap out tools all in a credit-card size form-factor; the Hostage Escape Card fits perfectly in your wallet. Don't get caught without a way to pick your way out of a sticky situation.


    Lock picking is extremely addictive and fun - you may find yourself picking at it again and again! Pairs well with the READYMAN Hostage Escape Card, which includes all the tools you'll need to pick a lock like a pro.

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