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Standard Dealer Package
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We've put together a great package for dealers that aren't sure what to order! The ReadyMan Standard Dealer Package is a one stop shop, so you can get a headstart at your next event.

This package includes a collection of our most interesting and best selling items; Items that have proven themselves to be big hits at conventions, shows, and gatherings! We did the math and research for you to bundle together the right amount of the right items, so you can maintain a constant stream of interest at your next event. For Dealers, we priced the package to fit at our minimum $200 cart cut-off, so it's a one product purchase!


Standard Dealer Package Pricing:

Interested in becoming a Dealer? It's free to sign up, takes only five minutes, and the pricing change is instant. Get this package for only $200 by clicking here.


This package includes:

  • 10 x Wilderness Survival Cards
  • 10 x Hostage Escape Cards
  • 3 x Acrylic Training Locks
  • 3 x EDC Defense Tools
  • 2 x RATS Tourniquets (Red)
  • 1 x Medical Card
  • 1 x Fishing Card
  • 1 x FREE ReadyMan Vinyl Banner (1.7ft x 3ft)

Each item was added up via dealer pricing for dealers, and regular pricing for regular customers, so you're not paying any extra for the whole package. We put this together to help give you a headstart for your next dealer event! And you get an exclusive vinyl banner at no extra cost!