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Best Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals for Preppers

Posted on November 23 2018

By Readyman Staff

One of the best parts of having prepper friends during Christmas is that gift-giving becomes incredibly easy (mostly because prepares never have enough of anything). Since dude-wrapping a Costco flat of peanut butter for your BFF lacks a certain wow factor, here is a handful of Black Friday/Cyber Monday ideas for your wonderful scrolling pleasure:

$59 The Preparedness Heirloom Seed Package

63 unique heirloom seed variety/ 39,000 seeds dropping from $185 to $59, The Preparedness Heirloom Seed Package from might be worth your consideration. Check it at:


$7895.00 Humless, Home 6.5 Portable Solar Battery Station is offering $1000.00 off, $100 off code, and free shipping on their Humless Home 6.5 kWh Solar Storage Battery (enough power storage to light up your super-secret mini bugout cabin np… but at 340lbs, you might need a forklift or a small tribe of sherpas to get it there).


If $7895 is a little over your gift-budget, they also are offering the same $100 off code and free shipping for the Humless Mini Full Solar Kit .64 KwH plus 260 W Solar panels (which lands you at around $1400 all told).

$17.07 Black Autumn: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga Hardback, Kirkham/Ross

Down from $25.95 to $17.07 in Hardcover, Black Autumn is perfect stocking-stuffer fodder… and what celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior better than the cozy tale of absolute, world-wide collapse? Although this series is quickly becoming the shinny new penny of prepper reads, you might also consider it as effective prepper gateway literature/gentle invitation (to wake up and get a clue) for your non-prepper minded friends and family.


$16.99 R.A.T.S. - Rapid Application Tourniquet System, Readyman

Another low-dollar, stocking-sized preparedness gift would be the R.A.T.S. - Rapid Application Tourniquet System “is the fastest tourniquet on the market, and proven in combat. Invented and patented by a 28 year Special Forces Medic with multiple combat trauma experiences under his belt.”

$647.99 Wise Choice Bundle (1608 servings), The Wise Company

Down from $1,294.99 Wise Choice is offering a Pre-Black Friday discount on all sorts of their products, and 50% off some of the big kits. Buckets and bags of mylar fun for the whole prepper family! (just keep a glass of water handy).

$20.24 Cansolidator Pantry, Thrive Life

Offering over a 50% discount, Thrive has marked down their Cansolidator Pantry from $44.99 to $20. Holds 40 standard cans/100 lbs, and will fit tuna size up to 30oz. tin cans. Adjusts up to 20” wide and is stackable.


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