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Plan 2 React - Situational Awareness and Training Wins Again in Brazil

Posted on May 23 2019

Training and situational awareness go a long way in an engagement with someone who is armed. Knowing who someone is, what their intentions are, and having the skills to outclass them in every aspect of a hostile engagement will put you on the winning side of a fight almost every single time.

In the video you are about to watch, a man is inside of a cell phone store somewhere in Brazil is attempting to make a low-key robbery. His intentions are to get the device out of the box, and then pull a handgun on the shop’s employees to escape with the new device free of charge. Unfortunately for the robber, the clerk behind the desk is aware of his intentions and is far faster on the draw.

In the instant that the robber makes to draw his revolver from his pants, the store’s clerk unholsters his pistol and drives one single shot home into the robber’s chest. The shot incapacitates the robber and allows the clerk to move forward to disarm him while also preparing to call for the assistance of law enforcement. This is not a case of the clerk being lucky, it’s a case of the clerk being prepared to act with only a moment’s notice.

Through proper training, and a constant visual inspection of your surroundings, you can be prepared to react when a situation takes a turn for the worst. Every day you spend on the range is one more day than the person who is looking to turn you into their free meal ticket. How much different would this situation turned out if the clerk hadn’t had his loaded firearm on him in that moment?

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  • Dan Novak: November 20, 2020

    Did you ever hear of a criminal who made an appointment?

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