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Driver Fails to React During Threatening Situation

Posted on October 25 2018

Your vehicle is a tool that you can use for both offense and defense when you find yourself getting ready to become the victim of a violent crime. With extreme road rage incidents occurring multiple times per day around the world, it is important to realize the asset you have as tool for defense in the vehicle you are driving every single day.

In the video you are about to watch, a driver fails to utilize his vehicle in any manner whatsoever when he finds himself being attacked. There are many options the driver could have potentially taken to avoid the assault the became a victim of, but instead they froze and allowed themselves to be attacked.

The following footage was recorded on the dash mounted camera system of the victim of an attack that occurred on April 15, 2018 in Weld County, Colorado.

In the second the men stepped out of the vehicle armed with weapons was the driver’s first opportunity to make an escape. They could have sped past them down the road and dialed 911 to have an officer dispatched to their location while maneuvering the vehicle to the first public location. This could have potentially led to a dangerous car chase, but the average driver does not have the skills needed to actively drive in an offensive or defensive manner.

Alternatively, the driver could have reversed out of the situation at a slow pace forcing the attackers to decide to continue pursuing on foot, or to get back into their vehicle. Either way would have purchased the driver the needed time to dial 911, and potentially escape the location by getting to a nearby public place that could fend off an attack.

When you detect hostile intent on the roads, always assume that the person is deadly serious and blinded by rage. Always do your best to keep your gas tanks above half-full to give yourself the needed mileage to survive an extended car chase from a potential attacker. Finally, always keep the tools you need for self-defense inside of your vehicle and on your person at all times. This will negate you ever finding yourself in a position where you are completely defenseless.


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  • Benjamin McLeod: June 10, 2020

    The first action should have been before they got out of the car – just get in the left lane and go carefully past them. I say carefully because you don’t know why they are stopping – there might be something in the road (and animal) that you should avoid hitting. If they turned and blocked the road, then back up. Once they got out with weapons and threw something, it is time to stomp the gas and drive past the other car (off the asphalt if necessary) regardless if one/both of the attackers gets run over.

  • Matthew Jennings: June 03, 2020

    Are you a homosexual ?

  • Carolyne Davis: May 30, 2020

    Great content for those of us with the freeze factor in our bones. And yet, without reviewing these fairly simple suggestions, who is going to remember these rules, beyond first responders. There are now many community free programs that provide such information! I want to get my own conceal and carry

  • Gregg: November 01, 2018

    WOW what a great site.

    We have created a society in North America of people who think it is their role to allow themselves to be victims and that they have to freeze when predators approach let alone attack. Lay still on a phone to help (911) that shall not arrive until the event is over.

    We villainize police officers and sheriff deputies that use force to defend themselves and turn on those same officers when they defend others.

    We tell our warriors in mission briefings “…exercise caution we will be reviewing and analyzing your mission Audio and tapes”.

    Thank you for your work on this site. Your Work turning the tide on such thinking is needed.

    Keep pointing out what is wrong with what’s we have told and allow to be viewed as “correct and normal human behaviour” That maybe what those who have security staff and who have not seen or faced violence are preaching is a false narrative.

    Gadgets like dash cams do not offer anything other then a means to further blame those under attack. In this clip think of the media and lawyer comments “ we never saw what they did to cause this ….sure they broke a windshield stay in your car …”

    Keep up the good work pointing out that there are predators amongst us. They are not concerned with community condemnation nor fear of a system of judicial procedure IF they ever make it there to keep their violent actions in check.

    We can be kind empathetic people and yet still be aware and prepared to win conflicts and be men when the time is now.

    “ I seek not the fight but fear me if you bring it as you have made poor victim selection this day”

    Love your site


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