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The Case for Bows and Arrows

Posted on September 09 2019


For the survivalist or prepper, having reliable and durable gear is essential. And while it is universally agreed upon that firearms are a must have item, in this article we are going to make the case for a crossbow. 

For many years the crossbow was outlawed for hunting because it was considered “cheating”, but all of that is changing. As a matter of fact, the crossbow is one of the fastest growing disciplines in hunting today.Besides, in a SHTF scenario “cheating to survive” is only smart. 

The crossbow can be used for hunting as well as protection, a fact that is often overlooked. 


The Case for Bows and Arrows:



What they lack in velocity, they make up for in stealth, simplicity, and sustainability...


The bow and arrow had been the preferred weapon of choice for mankind for thousands of years. It's design is simple, yet effective.

Granted, a high-powered rifle with a scope and suppressor are hard to beat; I'm not here to convince anyone otherwise. However, there are a few advantages to using more primitive means.

For instance, one thing to consider is ammo and maintenance. In the attached video Jeff demonstrates using a crossbow much like this one HERE



The big thing here is that the bow has been strung for nearly 20 years!!!

Try neglecting your firearms for that long!

In an emergency, SHTF scenario, bullets will start to become scarce and possibly unobtainable. Again, this is where having the option of a crossbow can really come in handy.

The ability to reuse and make your own ammo is definitely something worth considering. Sure, reloading ammunition is a real thing and a worthwhile skill, but what happens when you can't get a hold of primers?


Traditional Bow vs. Crossbow

As mentioned above, making your own bolts (proper term for crossbow projectiles) and arrows is a great advantage in the event of a shortage of firearms ammunition. The advantage goes to the crossbow because bolts tend to be shorter and therefore easier to make. (Finding a 16-inch straight stick is much easier than finding a 32 inch one, for instance).


Bolts and Arrows ...

Arrow Length: 23"-32"

Crossbow Bolt Length: 16"-22" (some can be as short as 10")

Effective Range 60-80 yards for both



Longevity and Durability...

With fewer mechanical parts than a modern gun, there are less parts that need to be maintained or replaced on a crossbow. This is especially true with a traditional bow. 

This would you allow to continue to use a modern crossbow almost indefinitely, with little to no upkeep necessary.

Here is an example of a MODERN CROSSBOW that in the hands of an experienced shooter can reliably hit targets out to 100 yards!

 Again to prove this point, here is a video of Jeff shooting a crossbow that has been strung up for nearly 20 years:



 THIS is the closest crossbow today to what Jeff is shooting.






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  • Andrew Koetz: September 10, 2019

    I like the idea of having a crossbow with extra bolts if SWTHTF. A conventional recurve bow or a compound bow for me would not be a good fit, due to I have “gorilla length” arms and to get a recurve or compound bow custom made in a 38-40 inch draw length is out of my budget; the crossbow would be the better way for me to go.

  • james: September 10, 2019

    Very great article. Watched the video as well very good shooting! Archery is my preferred hunting sport here inn utah. Guns with their ammo are great too they work well until the ammo runs out. Arrows on the other hand can will last a very long time and can be shot over and over again. At times may need to do some miner repair but they flying threw the air!

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