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The Best Target to Optimize Your Range Time

Posted on March 28 2018

Training With Purpose

There are a lot of targets on the market that you can take to the range and waste ammo on, but very few are specifically designed to enhance your shooting skills. 

When going to the range we suggest using a target that challenges your shooting abilities, that allows you to record your progression and offers a number of drills designed to work on every aspects of your marksmanship. 

One of our favorite targets is the RE Factor Tactical Essentials Target and Shooting Guide. For this target, RE Factor Tactical (REFT) pulled out all of the stops. First, REFT looked at some of most common training targets and combined them into one easily manageable configuration. 
This includes an IPSC "A" Zone, the shapes of the F.A.S.T Drill, a dot torture area, an 8" plate circle, a 3x5" card and more!  These shapes allow for an infinite amount of drills that can all help enhance your shooting. 
In addition to creating a target, REFT created the Essentials Shooting Guide that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Essentials Target.  The book starts out with a 150 round, 17 course of fire that tests all of your aspects of shooting from slow aimed fire to rapid draws and target transitions.
At the end of the test you can record your results in the book's notes and see what areas need improvement.  Once you are able to see what areas need improvement you can turn to a corresponding chapter that will give you a number of drills and tips to also be used on the Essentials Target.

Improve Your Shooting Skills

Because the book and target work hand in hand you can complete a number of drills and only go through 1-2 targets in an entire range session while you advance your marksmanship skills.  
The RE Factor Essentials Shooting Guide and Target are both made in the USA, designed by SOF Veterans and help employ small veteran business.  
You can purchase the Guide here and the target here


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