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Sometimes Retreat is the Best Option for Survival

Posted on August 30 2018

Retreat is sometimes the best option when you find yourself in a life or death situation. When an individual in South Africa becomes the target of an attempted car-jacking, they find themselves surrounded by armed men with the only avenue of escape blocked off by the car-jacker’s getaway vehicle. Using tenacity, and the bumper of their vehicle, the victim will manage to make a quick escape.

In most situations like this, there are three options that an individual can take. They can fight, flee, or give in to the attacker’s demands. Compliance with an attacker’s demands doesn’t always result in the best possible outcome for the victim, as we have seen in the past when the attackers then decide to harm or kill the willing victim. Fighting or fleeing however, generally puts the attacker off-balance and causes them to alter the course of their plans drastically.

This attack was clearly pre-meditated by the car-jackers. Examining the video, it is apparent that the car-jackers had been following the vehicle for some time and were waiting for the opportune moment to strike their victim. The victim may or may not have been aware that they were being followed by the car-jackers. Either way, the victim had the common sense to keep their doors locked while pulling into the parking area.

The attackers use their vehicle as a barricade to keep the driver of the vehicle from making a quick escape, but the driver of the target vehicle is paying attention to their surroundings, and notices the armed men moving up on either side of the vehicle. Spotting this, the driver quickly reverses the vehicle out, assesses the situation, and makes a mad dash through the tight opening created on the passenger’s side of the car-jacker’s getaway vehicle.

Fortunately for the driver, the attacker armed with a pistol does not open fire and take the life of the victim which allows the victim to maneuver into the tight opening. The vehicle becomes stuck for a moment, but through persistence the vehicle gets dislodged and makes a hasty escape away from the intended car-jacking location. The robbers do not conduct a pursuit, instead opting to get themselves out of the area to avoid arrest.



  • Gramma : September 07, 2018

    OpFor lacked commitment. ROE? Inexperienced?
    ‘Victim’ demonstrates clearer goals. Fewer / disregards ROE?

    OpFor blocking vehicle was inadequate. Size? Angle?

    Hopefully, OpFor will review this training to improve their skills. RealWorld doesn’t give second chances.

  • Dak: September 06, 2018

    It is also a lesson from the point of view of either attacking or defending force. Think through “what ifs” and also decide before hand what you are willing and capable of doing. These guys obviously thought the victim would only give up and did not plan for any other response or scenario. They also did not think before hand whether they were able to pull the trigger. fortunately for the victim, they could not when it came down to it. I bet the next one will differ. aw they hurt their poor car. probably stolen too.

  • Travis Lane: September 06, 2018

    Smartest course of action given the circumstances-if the vic had noticed a suspect vehicle following-he could have driven to a police station or a well populated parking area and may have broken the will of his attackers.
    In this instance,best to do what he or she did.

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