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Plan 2 React - Good Samaritan Puts Officer in Dangerous Position

Posted on February 14 2019

Sometimes, as a person with a concealed carry, the best thing you can do for law enforcement is stay out of their way. You never want to put yourself or an officer into a position where the officer must make a snap decision about you being a person armed with a firearm. While your intentions may be good, there is a lot of room for error that could result in the loss of life.

In the video you are about to watch, a good Samaritan thrusts an officer from the Parma Police Department into an unnecessary and dangerous shoot, or no-shoot situation. The Samaritan attempts to box in the officer’s suspect, and then opens fire with his concealed handgun when the suspect tries to flee putting himself and the officer into a dangerous situation.

Fortunately for the Samaritan, the Officer was able to recognize what was happening and did not turn his service pistol on him. There was a lot of room for error on both the Samaritan, and the Officer’s side of the coin that could have easily resulted in the serious injury or death of either person. Had the Samaritan missed his shots due to the unstable shooting platform, he easily could have struck the officer. Had the Officer been confused about the Samaritan’s target, he easily could have turned his pistol on the Samaritan and opened fire thinking that the man was shooting at him.

If you are ever in a situation where you see a law enforcement officer in dire need of assistance, be cautious in your approach and use common sense. Ensure that the officer has zero doubt in his mind that you are there to assist him, and only engage with your concealed weapon if the officer requests it, or does not have the ability to do so, and is in dire need of your support.  

The suspect was later arrested at a nearby Sam’s Club after he crashed his vehicle. A stolen sawed-off shotgun was discovered near vehicle and was believed to be linked with the suspect. In this situation, the Samaritan was not charged with anything in the court of law citing that he feared for his life, and the life of the Officer when the suspect rammed his Jeep.


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