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Robbers Lose Initiative During Robbery Attempt in Brazil

Posted on September 06 2018

Two motorcycle robbers in Brazil make a bad decision when they attempt to rob a brick layer who is getting ready to unload his truck. The criminals were not prepared for their victim to defend himself, and as a result they find themselves in an embarrassing situation that was all captured on the security camera systems of a nearby store.

It is not uncommon at all in Brazil for street robbers to attempt hit and run attacks against their intended victims. Often in videos of this type, we see the victim rollover and allow the robbers to take advantage of them. Following their successful robbery, most attackers then make an expeditious retreat away from the crime scene on their motorcycle before law enforcement can arrive.

That is not the case today.

As soon as the robbers make initial contact with their intended victim, the victim can be seen assessing the situation. Immediately the man decides that the robbers are no real threat to him or his cargo, so he makes the decision to fight back before the robber can fully dismount the motorcycle. This gives him the initiative in the brawl and allows him to turn the tides of the situation against the robbers.

The man knows that one robber is required to stay on the motorcycle, or they risk losing their quick getaway, so he concentrates his full attention on the robber that he has forced off the motorcycle and already knocked off balance. He then chases that robber out of camera shot until he has won the fight. Then, he returns and makes the insane decision to drop kick the driver off the motorcycle preventing them from making their escape.

By assessing the situation and concentrating his effort on the robber that provides the highest level of threat, the defender was able to completely thwart the robbery attempt. Using the moment the robber attempted to dismount the motorcycle as an opportunity to knock him off balance provided the defender with the initiative in the fight, and ultimately lead to the defender being able to win the fight decisively.


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