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Plan 2 React - Professional Soldiers React to Ambush Situation

Posted on May 09 2019

There are two ways that an individual can respond to being in an ambush situation. They can roll over and take the ambush, allowing the enemy to overwhelm them with superior firepower, or they can respond to the situation with a withering amount of return fire that will allow them to regain the initiative in a fight they have yet to lose.

You are about to see an example of professional Soldiers responding to an ambush situation that was taken directly out of the conflict in Afghanistan. While the Soldiers in this video have access to medium machine guns and rockets which afford them the ability to respond with insane amounts of return fire, the principle remains the same no matter who you are or what you armed with. Do not roll over and let your enemy win the fight because your guard was too far down to respond.

The objective of any ambush is to catch someone off guard and quickly overwhelm them. It does not matter if that ambush occurs at a gas station with a pistol, or in a wooded tree-line with rifles. The goal end-state is always to overwhelm opposition decisively within the first few seconds of the fight before the opposition has a chance to respond. Responding without hesitation by putting return fire or resistance against the ambushing force will buy you seconds to breathe.

During that singular breath you purchase with your initial resistance, you have little time to further respond. That is why you need to put everything you have into continued resistance against the ambushing force. Doing so will cause a snow-ball effect which will put your opposition on the back foot and allow you to not only survive the ambush but come out on top as the overall victor in the fight.

Looking at combat footage objectively is sometimes difficult. There are many political, economic, and social issues placed in each conflict that are hard to ignore. Finding the ability to see combat footage through the eyes of a learner will enhance your abilities as a student of survival and conflict.


No matter the scale of ambush

Your initial response should be fight over flight.


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  • Rochelle Alford: May 31, 2020

    Ambushed is a good description of American life for the past 3 months.

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