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Plan 2 React - College Students Resist Armed Robber at Gas Station

Posted on March 28 2019

If you find yourself becoming the victim of a violent encounter, and you choose to resist, you must be prepared both mentally and physically for what is about to happen. Proper firearms training, and martial self-defense skills are an absolute must if you plan to react to a potentially violent encounter through resistance. Failure to already have these skills could lead you down a very dangerous path.

In the video you are about to watch, four college-aged students find themselves about to become the victim of an armed robbery at a gas station while they are on spring break. Three of the students make the decision to resist and overcome the attacker with their numbers, and even manage to get full control of the attacker’s pistol before the get-away driver joins the melee. Several potentially deadly mistakes are made, but fortunately the students all manage to come out of the situation unharmed.

When the robber makes his intentions clear, the students are caught flat footed. Two of the three students outside of the vehicle already make the decision that they aren’t going to let themselves get robbed, but the third student who is standing closest to the attacker wants nothing to do with the situation. That student’s compliance with the attacker placed the two other students and himself in danger because he was the closest to the armed assailant and blocked the most direct route for the other two students to resist.

A fourth student steps out of the vehicle and has the perfect mindset once his two friends have the attacker on the ground. He goes straight for the attacker’s firearm and concentrates all his strength and effort on gaining positive control of the weapon while his friends keep him detained on the ground. The get-away driver approaches from the side and intervenes to free his friend at the exact moment that the students gain positive control of the weapon. The student that gets positive control of the weapon fails to check and see if the firearm is real, loaded, or ready to be used in their defense before aiming it at the attackers.

At the end of the confrontation, the four students let the would-be robbers go free before law enforcement can arrive and detain them. One of the two men was later identified and arrested, but the gunman is still on the streets. This is a simple mistake that could have cost the boys their lives later down the road had the two robbers decided that they wanted revenge. Since the attackers know exactly what vehicle the students are driving, they easily could have ambushed them after law enforcement cleared the scene. Fortunately, that did not happen.


  • Rick: August 26, 2020

    Shoot the fuckers!

  • RoadRules: August 20, 2020
    If i was that one guy’s friend; i’d be pissed as hell. Standing there; when your buddies are fighting for their lives. Some friend.
  • Josh Buntrock: November 09, 2019

    They also stayed around the shooter’s vehicle, where the getaway driver could’ve opened up on them

  • Robert Boudrie: March 29, 2019

    Perhaps these students were from a state like MA where the criminal’s attorney would say “I am pressing assault charges” and the perp would make their life hell with attorney fees, the risk of conviction (if they got an all SJW jury), and lifetime criminal record. Here in MA any arrest or charge is part of your lifetime record that can be used against you.

  • George: March 29, 2019

    I would call the attacker “para-armed.” As in ‘like armed’ but not really.

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