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Pawn Shop Owner Feigns Compliance To Get His Concealed Weapon

Posted on August 09 2018

On May 4, 2018 two armed men break into a pawn shop located in Bountiful, Utah, with the intent to conduct an armed robbery. The owner of the store is inside moving a bicycle at the time of the robbery and is carrying a concealed handgun when the two men break through the front-door and tell him to get down on the ground.

Feigning compliance, the owner of the pawn shop allows the men to enter while taking a totally submissive stance to preserve his own life and buy himself some time to act. The robbers are completely unprepared for an unwilling victim who is prepared to fight for his own safety without the aid of law enforcement.

When the two robbers enter the store, they hold the shop owner at gunpoint instantly. The shop owner responds by slowly placing the bike he is pushing onto the ground while putting both of his hands up to feign compliance to the robber’s demands. This is when the robber with the gun in the owner’s face tells the man to get on the ground.

Knowing that getting on the ground will reveal the fact that he is concealed carrying a pistol, the man slowly turns and keeps his eyes on the robber with the gun. When the robber moves back to check the door the owner ducks into a side room and draws his handgun from its carry position behind his back and prepares to defend himself against the attacker.

When the robber moves to his location to regain control of the store owner, he is met by the concealed weapon of the owner. The owner either has a malfunction or needs to chamber a round when the robber comes around the corner and fortunately he has the time to conduct the immediate action because the robber’s weapon was also not ready to fire.

The store owner manages to shoot the first robber once through the hand, and then again while they wrestle on the ground. The second robber hears the gunfire and immediately bugs out of the location knowing that their target was not as soft as they thought, which is the standard operating procedure for bad guys who realize their victims aren’t good victims to exploit.

There are two major take-aways from this video. First, do what makes sense when you are held at gun-point. Any action that allows you the opportunity to get to your concealed weapon without being shot is a good action. Second, always know the firing condition of your weapon and practice your stoppage drills as much as you can in the event you find yourself in a similar situation as the store owner.

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  • Mark: August 20, 2018

    Utah has some crazy laws for carrying concealed. You have to do 2 motions before you are able to fire a gun when concealed. You have to have the gun on safe and a round out of the chamber.

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