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Papau New Guinea Ambush Turned Chaotic Gunfight

Posted on January 03 2019

Survival instincts and training are sometimes all you must rely on beside your every day carry when you find yourself in an ambush type situation. In the video you are about to watch, a lone man sitting inside of his truck finds himself as the target of an assassination attempt outside of a convenience store in Papua New Guinea. The only thing that keeps him alive against several gunmen is his ability to stay in concealment, and accurately return fire against his attackers.

Take special note of how quickly the defender reacts to the ever-changing and dangerous situation in this video. From the moment the first attacker opens fire with the shotgun, until every single attacker is put on the back foot into a full retreat, our defender continuously changes his position and puts accurate rounds down range towards his targets.

The thin skin of the vehicle doesn’t provide hard cover for the defender for the duration of the gun fight, it is important to note how he used the vehicle to conceal his location. This action made it difficult for the attackers to get solid shots on him while he changed his position and continued to return fire. There are very few places on a thin-skinned passenger that can be used as hard cover, but the constant motion of the defender gave him the ability to regain the initiative in the fight and push his attackers into a full retreat.

At the conclusion of the gunfight, the defender doesn’t drop his guard thinking that the fight has ended. Instead he continues to advance towards the retreating attackers to ensure that they don’t return. This signals a second person inside of the convenience store to come outside and grab what appears to be a shotgun out of the truck to assist the defender if the attackers return to the fight from their hasty retreat. It is unclear what happened after this video finishes, as no further information was readily available.


  • Jerry: August 10, 2020

    One has to watch this several times to get a full picture of the action, including the shooters and the other occupant’s behavior from the pick-up.

    It almost seems too comical to be real, including the reaction of the several passers-by.

  • Alex: January 10, 2019

    Good post. Seems like this isn’t the first time the defender has had this happen, ha.

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