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Off-Duty Officer Defends Himself From Teenage Robbers

Posted on July 26 2018

Violent crime has been a problem in Brazil for a very long time. Robberies at gun-point, and outright assassinations against targets in law enforcement by major drug cartels have plagued the country for years and years. People in the nation however, are fighting back and winning against the criminals, and it seems as if the charge is being lead by off-duty law enforcement officers.

In the following video, two teenagers mark their target and decide to make an attack against the individual as he is pulling into his garage, thinking that he will be a soft target for robbery. What they do not know however, is that the individual they are robbing is a Major at the local law enforcement department, and he is prepared for them.

The following footage was recorded on the home security camera system, and cellular phone of the would-be victim.

While watching this footage, it is important to note the mindset of the individual law enforcement officer. He backs into his garage, which is a defensive maneuver conducted to allow himself a hasty escape in the event of an ambush at his home. While pulling in, he also takes special note of the two individuals who happened to be walking down the street as he arrived.

As he exits his vehicle, he can see the two individuals turning into his driveway while the teenager in the red hoodie reaches into his pocket to retrieve a small caliber revolver. Always prepared for an ambush situation like this, the Major exits his vehicle with his weapon drawn, and he immediately opens fire to gain the initiative from his attackers.

He then pursues them on foot to ensure that they do not halt and prepare a secondary attack, as the off-duty officer cannot be sure if this is a simple robbery attempt, or an attempt at taking his life. Seeing that he has shot one of his attackers, he then goes to the wounded teenager and keeps him at gun-point while he waits for more law enforcement and other life-saving services to arrive at the scene of the attack.

Gaining or re-gaining the initiative in a gun fight is your first step to survival. When in a life or death situation, ensure that you can maintain positive control of the pacing by gaining the upper-hand and putting your attackers on the back foot. This will allow you freedom of movement, and the ability to make decisions that will impact the outcome of a gunfight.

The attackers in this video were teenagers who thought they could conduct a petty robbery at gunpoint. One of the two young men were shot by the off-duty Major, teaching the two young men that not all targets are soft, and not all robberies are a simple way to earn yourself some extra income at the expense of others.


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