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Mother-Father Duo Defend Their Child From Carjacker

Posted on July 18 2018

With crime on the rise in Brazil, more and more citizens of the nation have started picking up firearms to allow themselves the ability to fight back. When a mother-father duo finds themselves on the receiving end of one such attack in Umarizal, Brazil, they do not hesitate to fight back to defend themselves, their property, and most importantly, their child.

The robber, having no idea that the couple inside of the vehicle are prepared to defend themselves, is stunned when he opens the vehicle to find himself on the defense instead of the offense. Seeing that he has lost the initiative, the attack is quickly thwarted, and the father pursues the threat in order to defend his family.

The following footage was recorded on a closed-circuit television system in Umarizal, Brazil. The footage has been analyzed, edited and annotated by the staff at Readyman Media to create a transformative and educational piece.

When the robber presents himself to the vehicle, he makes his intentions clear immediately. This gives the father inside of the vehicle time to retrieve his pistol in a fashion that will not alarm the robber while bracing himself for the fight to come. The mother is sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle, which is close to a second parked vehicle, and is preparing herself to secure their child once the fight begins.

Once the robber opens the door of the vehicle, the father immediately starts shooting to protect his family. The robber is struck at least one time pushing him into an immediate retreat away from the situation. Unsure if the robber is acting alone or not, the father pursues his attacker to clear room for the mother to get out of the vehicle, so she can protect their child.

When the father of the family has the robber held at gun point, the mother makes an expeditious retreat to a safe location with the daughter, presumably to call for law enforcement. The father then holds the robber at gun point while checking to see if he has been shot in the exchange and scanning his area to see if the robber was alone.

There is no text-book response for a situation like this one. No amount of training can ever truly prepare you for a scenario as it presents itself because a myriad of factors will come into play when you find yourself in an exchange like this. When the situation presents itself, you must be prepared to act faster than the person who wishes to cause you harm. You must be trained better than the individual who wants to kill you.

The mother-father team acted as one entity in this video to allow themselves the freedom of movement they needed to get their child to safety. A moment’s hesitation by the father could have allowed the robber to leave the vehicle with his wife and child. A moment’s hesitation by the mother could have gotten them both killed had her husband lost the gunfight.

Both acted as one. Both were prepared for the situation that presented itself.


  • Randy Baldauf: July 19, 2018

    Damn good shootin, damn good teamwork!

  • Ralph Wilson: July 19, 2018

    Teem work!!! Bad guy loses….

  • patrick skoczek: July 19, 2018

    This is why all Americans must support the 2nd Amendment !!!!

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