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Plan 2 React - Detroit Man Fights Through Ambush Carjacking

Posted on May 02 2019

An ambush will place you in a situation where you are not prepared to react. Your attacker’s objective is to catch you off guard and put you into an immediate untenable position that forces your surrender. When ambushed by your enemy, there is only ever two possible outcomes. You surrender the fight and lose immediately, or you turn towards your threat and fight through it with everything you have in order to survive the situation.

In the video you are about to watch, a man from Detroit, Michigan, is ambushed from behind while returning to his vehicle from a convenience store. His attacker can be seen chambering a round into his pistol, and then placing that pistol to the back of the man’s head while demanding that he hand over the keys to his car.  The man being ambushed however, has zero intentions of just handing over his vehicle without putting up a fight.

Even though the good guy in this story is unarmed, and unprepared for the ambush, we can see that he is still prepared to fight for what is his. The second the gun is no longer touching the back of his head; he grabs for the pistol and puts himself off-line with the dangerous end of his attacker’s firearm. When the second attacker comes in and starts punching him in the head, he stays aware of his surroundings and objective by keeping himself off-line with the muzzle of the weapon and maintaining a tight grip on the keys to his vehicle.

At this point in the video, other people witnessing the event start making calls to 911, and the attackers start to feel the pressure of the situation. They make one last attempt at getting the keys to the vehicle before they jump in the car without them. Once inside of the vehicle without the keys, there is nowhere the attackers can go so the man runs back to the driver’s side door to hold it closed. The attackers manage to escape out of the passenger’s side of the vehicle and flee the scene of their crime with nothing at all.

Police in the Detroit area are currently looking for these two men. If you have any information that could lead to an arrest, contact law enforcement at 313-596-2555, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.


  • Wesley : September 19, 2020

    This is ridiculous…to think for one minute That you can’t be armed when all ways criminals are armed…this guy was lucky as he could have been shot even accidental if nothing else ….why because the criminals are all ways armed and the public is subject to local gun laws…ass all ways it’s not fair that you can’t protect yourself from criminals I am not talking about OK corral here … I am talking about a deterrent to criminals to think twice before trying to commit a crime against a armed person…!!!

  • soupy: September 16, 2020

    The fewer guns on the street, under Canadian, and Australian, gun laws, are all illegal guns!
    Taking protection ability from honest people is the only reason for gun laws. That is the lesson!

  • Ladyhawke: May 22, 2020

    Detroit MI is within the United States, which is not communist. Canada and Australia have fewer guns on the street and are not communist, so don’t be stupid and blame something that isn’t true. Guns on the street and poverty are a sad truth now. He didn’t have a gun, but he won. Learn that lesson.

  • RangerRick: May 09, 2019

    He lives in a Communist State. Get out of that state so you can carry protection and fight back. These kinds people will never go away.
    You are lucky no one was with you, such as a wife or baby in the back seat.
    Ranger Rick
    Automatic Survivor Training Group
    North Idaho

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